Wax Seal: a traditional branding tool with a modern twist

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The creators are well known internationally as ‘The Wax Seal Specialists’

The ALUMA is the first Wax Seal of its kind to feature a revolutionary magnetic fitting, allowing the user to switch easily between their favourite wax seal designs without the need for an additional stamp handle.

ALUMA Wax Seal by Stamptitude 1

Wax Seals were traditionally used to authenticate official documents, but more recently they have gained popularity as a gift for designers, stationery lovers and anyone wishing to add a personal touch to their branding projects or written correspondence.

ALUMA Wax Seal by Stamptitude

The ALUMA is machined from solid pieces of aluminium and has a stainless steel ring at the centre of its design which also provides a functional housing for the strong neodymium magnet encased within.

ALUMA Wax Seal by Stamptitude

About Stamptitude

The creator of the ALUMA is Stamptitude, a family- owned business founded in 2013 by a husband & wife team in Hong Kong.

They are well known internationally as ‘The Wax Seal Specialists’ and have worked with major corporate clients including Disney, Dior and The Grammys.

ALUMA Wax Seal by Stamptitude - Family

The projects is currently on Kickstarter.

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