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The heart of the fine watch is made by the prestigious Ronda of Switzerland.

Founded by Scandinavian designers, Alexis Holm and David Ericsson, who took their minimalist, functional Swedish style and creativity all the way to Hong Kong, Squarestreet is the quintessence of a new shopping era.

The young artists decided to share an office at 15 Square Street, in Sheung Wan, where each of them focused on their own brand: David on watches, and Alexis on footwear.

As tends to happen when brilliant and visionary minds meet, this has conveyed into a bigger, even more fun project, which includes (besides watches and footwear) leather goods, fine jewellery and eyewear; all designed and developed by the founders.

The innovative shopping experience aims to find synchronicity between the highest quality products and fair prices, and is wrapped in an outstanding, minimalist style.




Simplicity and efficiency is what they aim for, and this is indeed what they achieve.

As you might expect with a modern young brand, they also stay connected to the consumer through social media.

In fact, besides their unquestionable creativity and forward thinking, they also strive to respond to their clients’ needs, listen to what they want, and ultimately deliver it.

…which is exactly what happened with the Aluminum watches, the second of their watch collections, where they managed to merge the precision and distinctness of Swiss tradition with a timeless style.




The SQ31 Aluminum Watch represents, in fact, the image of Squarestreet, and their core value, in that it is essential, minimal, light, and yet design-detailed.

Its appeal lies in the perfect balance between the consolidated quality of Swiss tradition, and the minimal and innovative style, of which Scandinavians are masters.

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The Aluminum watch has been designed with a focus towards the “new man” in search of elegance and functionality.

The name of the collection “Aluminum” reflects precisely the focus of the material chosen. What therefore could be better than aluminum to confer lightness and elegance all at once?




The heart of the fine watch is made by the prestigious Ronda of Switzerland, along with a promise of high quality, precision and slimness of their watch movements, and an impressive battery life of 42 months (3.5 years).

The entire watch weighs only 30 grams, including its Italian leather strap, which is also simple and classy.

Last but not least, it is not only minimal, but also extremely slender, protruding only 8mm from the wrist (including glass).

You forget you are wearing it!


Visit the store <

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