B-11 side table is manufactured in Sweden

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When you enter a room, you instinctively get a sense of the space.

B-11 side table – by Camilla Ödmo – plays with squares and triangles to create a three-dimensional twist.

The designer thinks that both architecture and furniture play a big part in how we feelphysically and mentally.





When you enter a room, you instinctively get a sense of the space.

“I like to add lightness and playfulness when I create furniture and add positivity to the room. Both in color and in shape.” said Camilla.




Bordbord is a small independent design studio located in Stockholm, Sweden, founded in 2014 by Camilla Ödmo.

Its goal is remaining independent and retain small scale.

It gives the freedom to evolve in different directions and make interesting collaborations.

You can buy the tables on bordbord.se and follow Camilla’s news on Instagram.

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