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Patrick Abbattista - Digital Marketing & Business Development - DesignWanted

Yes, it is me in the pic. In Moscow, while teaching how to start a design business.


“I know how much it takes to go from an idea to a brand. And from a brand to a business.” 

We want Designers to find a pragmatic value in DesignWanted, since the overall goal is providing an eco-system with all the tools they need to be successful.

DesignWanted is a platform which aims to:

1- Promote the best projects within the categories of Architecture, Design & Tech

2- Spread the Design Culture and Design Thinking, by sharing practical tips & business stories

3- Create concrete business opportunities for Designers

DesignWanted was founded by Patrick Abbattista in November, 2015.

Patrick previously co-founded Design42Day, managing its International business development.

Since the very beginning of his Design path, he has worked hard to help talented Designers to get more visibility and opportunities through his magazine, by developing relevant partnerships with some of the greatest Design interlocutors worldwide: Red Dot Award, Adobe Design Achievement Awards, Superstudio Più, Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair, and many others.

He has also been a lecturer at several international events:

Moscow Design Week (Russia), New Designers (UK), India Design Forum (India), Design Lighting Tokyo (Japan), World Green Design Forum (China), Barcelona Design Week (Spain) and, of course, in Milan, Italy.

In 2013, he joined the Global Advisory Council of the World Brand Congress.